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Four Ways Which Will Prepare You for Crushing an Interview

The Importance of Preparing for an Interview
Landing an interview with a company is a wonderful accomplishment. It means that they saw your resume and cover letter, and were impressed enough to allow you to come in for an interview. Now, the hard part begins. You need to show them that you’re prepared, passionate about their company, and worth hiring. If you’re someone who gets nervous before interviews, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Here are four ways to improve your interviewing skills and increase your chances of getting hired.

1.) Practice in Front of a Mirror

If you get nervous, stutter, and forget what to say when speaking in front of someone new, it’s time to prepare. When you go in for an interview, you’ll be face-to-face with at least one person you don’t know. If you want to make sure you’re fully prepared, practice in front of a mirror. Sit with your shoulders back and your hands folded neatly. Practice saying basic details about yourself and answers to pretend questions. This will also help alleviate your nerves when it comes to the real thing.

2.) Research the Company

Before you go into the interview, you’ll want to do your homework. Study the company you are applying for. Learn the basic facts about them and the overall company culture. Read about the positive things the company has done in the community so you can bring those up. Doing research not only prepares you better to answer questions, it will also give you the power to ask questions. Companies like to see when a candidate has done research. It shows that they are invested and interested in working for that particular company opposed to someone who just wants a job.

3.) Prepare a List of Questions

At the end of the interview, whoever is conducting it will ask the interviewee if they have any questions regarding the company. They want to see a candidate take initiative by asking questions. It shows that the candidate has done their homework and wants to know more. There are a few questions that you can ask to boost your chances of getting hired.

  • What is a typical day like in this role?
  • What’s your favorite part of working for this company?
  • Is there anything on my resume that makes you question whether or not I’m a good fit?

4.) Remember Important Points

Before you go into your interview, you’ll want to make mental notes of everything you should remember. If you have things in particular you want to ask, write them down. If you want to highlight certain aspects of your career, remember to share those. Interviewers want to hear all about the candidate and what makes them so great. If you’ve won awards or have been recognized, remember to bring those up. If you think you’ll forget, you can make notes for yourself.